Working with me is an invitation to fall in love.

Because “in love” is how you’re meant to spend your whole life.

Maybe it’s time to fall in love with:

Your body at any, and every weight. It is way, way, time to find out just how false all the body shame you’re carrying around is. Your body, right this second, is your greatest champion. The more you discover how deeply and tenderly it has your back, the more unable you’ll be to do anything but love it.

Food. Are you in love with food? You should be in love with food. And not just the healthy organic green kind. We’ve all had enough of diets and eating shame and the stories, upon stories, upon stories of how we’re supposed to show up to the ritual of nourishing our physical bodies. Food is not the culprit or the enemy. Neither are you.

Menstrual cycles. Nature is cyclical. Life is, too. A woman’s body is a microcosm of the perfect cyclical nature of all of creation. She holds this utterly perfect schedule for rest, introspection, healing, creativity, innovation, and action. Her bleed is the key. (P.s. I love talking about blood. With women AND men. Men- you’ve all experienced the shifts in the way women show up over the course of a month! I’ve found men and women alike are exhilarated by the magic of understanding what they’ve really witnessed in that. When we’re finished, there’s a good chance that no matter who you are, you’re going to like talking about blood- with your grandmother, on a first date, over breakfast with your sister… might even try to book a TEDx talk so you can talk about it on stage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Sex. Love it. Want it. Swim in it. Dig deep and discover that radiant glow, every day of the week that’s honestly already your birthright. It’s your signature look.

Pleasure. “Get Shit Done” is old, and tired, and you’re tired of it for good reason. Stop spinning your wheels and striving. Pleasure is the MOST miraculous time-management program you’ve ever encountered.

You. Miraculous you.

You know what you need. Everything you’re deeply longing for. Not me.

I’ll just hold a mirror and introduce you to your magical, glorious self, and watch the two of you fall deeply in love.

Ready? Book a call.